Life of Prayer

A life of prayer offers a constant reminder of God’s love. To pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) means to allow your heart to beat as one with God’s.

While a life of prayer means communion with God and awareness of His presence and love, it also means accountability, transparency, vulnerability, humility, repentance, truth in love, and times of quiet contemplation.

The spiritual disciplines of meditating on scripture, searching your heart, and resting are beautiful compliments to a life of prayer.


It may surprise you to know that learning to play is an important part of learning to pray. We offer a very creative online class, “Learn How to Play!” to help you feed your spirit through child-like play. As children know instinctively, rest and play are vital parts of a life surrendered to God. Please visit my Online Prayer Classes page to learn more! This is a great class for individuals, families, and small groups. Sign up with a friend and it’s even more enjoyable and meaningful.