Small Steps to Prayer

The weekend is here, and that means it’s time for me to post a “weekend warriors” prayer request on Twitter.

What is “weekend warriors”? It’s where I share an opportunity for you to pray for a child who lives in extreme poverty. I share the first name, male/female, age, and country. All I ask it that everyone who sees that post take a moment to pray for that child.

Does this really help? I believe it does. Every time we pray for someone, God moves in response to our prayers. I believe that child experiences the benefit of those prayers, and God’s heart is touched, because He loves that child beyond measure.

So often, we tend to overcomplicate prayer. Really, it should be very simple. We pray, and God moves. As a friend put it once, “Prayers go up, angels come down.”

As someone who wants to encourage others in prayer, I look for simple ways. Just some small way to help all of us pray a little more during our day. Weekend warriors is one way. There are infinite other ways.

What is one very simple way you could inspire folks to say a quick prayer that will touch someone’s life? I know you will come up with amazing ideas, and I would love to hear what you feel led to do, to encourage others to pray.

God bless you.