Faces of Nepal … and Prayers

Remembering friends in Nepal today … and praying for them.

So many beautiful faces … adults trying to get through the day, as we all do … trying to keep their families safe … food on the table … finding joy and laughter … Nepal is not an easy place to live, but the people are so willing to smile, laugh, find joy in moments of their day …

Lots of children … smiling, giggling, despite walking miles over dusty, rocky mountain roads from school …

Faces of the landscape … despite the pollution that lies like a suffocating blanket over Kathmandu valley, God’s beauty cannot be dimmed… His beauty, His fingerprints, His heart can be seen everywhere you look …

If you’d like to join me in praying for people in Nepal, please take a moment to look through this post and the next one. These are real people who would love to spend their day with you, and they would love your prayers. Thank you!

God bless you –

A family walking in the midst of a busy day in Kathmandu … please pray for them …

A peaceful afternoon communing with God on a hillside in Kathmandu … He loves His kids!

Nepali school girls … sharing their smiles and laughter after walking on a dusty mountain road home from school … please say a prayer for them … thanks!

Continued on next post …


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