When God Shows Up

I was with a group of high school students on a mission trip. We had a rough few days with a group of children at a recreation center in an impoverished neighborhood. The enemy kept messing things up and the students were frustrated. That day, I felt like God wanted to change things. I told the students they could pray and expect Jesus to show up.

“No matter what’s going on,” I told them, “you can stop and ask Jesus to show up. Watch what He will do.”

God blessed us right away by getting us permission to take the kids outside of the sweltering-hot building and into the tree-shaded playground. One of the students started playing a game of “catch” with one of the children. Things were going well until another girl asked to join them. The first child spoke in a mean voice: “No, you can’t join us. This is my game. Go away.”

Silently the student prayed, “Jesus, we need you to show up here and fix things.”

Immediately, the first child looked at him and said, “Oh, I shouldn’t have done that. That was mean. I’m so sorry.”

She went and got the other girl, apologized sincerely to her, and invited her to join them for “catch.”

When our recreation time was over, the student couldn’t wait to find me and tell me how God had shown up.

God will always show up when we invite Him. He will always amaze us by what He can do.

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