False Accusation

I mentioned yesterday that I am trying to grow in recognizing when the enemy has brought emotions into my heart that aren’t really mine. This is not a new struggle, but God is taking my healing to a new place.

I’ve always struggled with false accusation. Whenever someone would accuse me falsely, I would help that person along by taking the accusation and turning it against myself, trying to make it stand. I did this because I would much rather have hurt myself than let anyone else hurt me.

Over the past two years, I have worked intensely with God to grow free of that. I am now able (for the most part) to recognize false accusation and refuse to accept it.

That’s with people. However, as I found out last weekend, I’m still learning how to recognize it when the enemy is at work. Why is it so much harder with him? Because the oppressive spirits that belong to the enemy camp affect our emotions and thoughts, so that we can’t think or see clearly.

I am asking God to give me discernment, to help recognize when the enemy is bringing a false state of thinking or feeling against me. I have a long way to go, but the good news is that last weekend, the oppression lasted only a day and a half. That is a vast improvement from years past, when the oppression could last for weeks and cause much deeper damage to my heart and spirit.

With God’s help, I am learning. Thank You, God!

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