9/11 Healing (Lenten Day Apart)

On March 17, 2012 I gave a talk at Homer United Methodist Church in Homer, Georgia for the “Lenten Day Apart” celebrated by United Methodist Women in the Gainesville District. I was asked to share specifically about my 9/11 healing, and to work with the Scripture theme of the event: Isaiah 43:18-19. Here is the outline from that talk, and I will fill in the details as I have time. The Scripture from Isaiah 43:18-19 is amazing. Read that if nothing else!

Isaiah 43:18-19

·        Alive for me through 9/11
·        v. 18 – don’t have to stay locked in painful experiences
·        v. 19 – God promises unspeakable joy! (1 Peter 1:8; here: v. 19)
·        Pre-9/11 – head not heart
9/11 Story (Read my testimony on the Center for Inner Healing website on the Testimony page)

Shut down – 10 years

·        Why?
·        Isaiah 43:18-19

o   Able to apply externally, like poultice

How I survived
o   But not internally (heart)

Needed to thrive

·        What happens (trauma v. pain)
·        Jesus completes process!!!
·        v. 19 – Jesus re-establishes channels to connect with joy center!!!
Practicing presence

·        Available to all
·        We all need deeper peace (John 14:27)
·        In His presence, God fills us with HIS peace (not the world’s)

o   And He shows us what’s blocking
·        “Lord, I make a heart invitation for You to be here with me. Help me to perceive Your presence and establish a living, interactive connection with You in the present.”
My 9/11 Healing

·        Session with prayer ministry session (started with “heart invitation” prayer)
·        Jesus knows MY pain
·        After session – Looking for Jesus at Ground Zero

o   “The place of my greatest desolation has now become the place of my greatest attraction” (v. 19)
·        10 years shut down – complete healing in 45 minutes

o   Exchanged old ways of coping (v. 18) with new ways of truly living in His presence (v. 19) (also John 15)
What Does This Mean For You?

·        We all need more of His peace
·        Learn to practice presence

o   How
·        Everyday life – where’s Jesus?

o   Little girl at barbecue
o   And praying  as it occurs (accidents, kids, pets)
o   When you’ve lost all, you have to draw from God
o   He invites us all to do this (Galatians 2:20) – dying to self, depending on Him alone

Fellowship of suffering (1 Peter 4:13) – authentic
o   It’s often the little things that block us most from God’s peace and from a deeper relationship with Him.
·        Praying for those who’ve had trauma

·        What if you haven’t had major trauma?

·        And we all have trauma of some sort, just by being alive

5-Minute Silence (Practicing God’s Presence)

Trauma Prayer


Scripture Verses (NKJV)

Isaiah 43:18-19

1 Peter 1:8

John 14:27

John 15

Galatians 2:20

1 Peter 4:13

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