Hear My heart. My desire is for you, My love. All for you.

I have always loved you. I have always longed to see your face alive with grace, precious beyond knowing. How beautiful you are to Me. So beautiful.

Lift your gaze to Me. Let Me look on you with gladness in My heart.

Arise. Come away with Me. The winter is past. The springtime is here, which brings joy beyond measure to your heart. Open your heart to receive My love, My blessings. Receive My bountiful goodness. Rest in My love. Soak in my love. Let Me love you. You haven’t begun to know the goodness of My heart, and the life-giving fullness of My love.

Open your heart and let Me make you whole. I desire to make you whole. Draw near to Me. Come rest in My arms. Let Me hold you to My heart. Let My grace pour into you and lift you up.

Come see what I see and be forever changed by My love.

I love you forever.

I love you here and now.

… from my prayer and meditation journal, Encounter of Worship service, Valentine’s Day …

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